Discover how female hormones can affect your partner’s mood and behaviour during her monthly cycle and understand exactly what’s going on for her daily, weekly and monthly.

How it works.

The Male App is designed to help men improve their relationships by better understanding their partner’s monthly cycle and how hormones can affect her mood and behaviour. The app allows men to sync with their partner’s cycle and discover exactly what’s going on for her both physically and emotionally. It also has a heap of other interesting content including graphs, daily video tips, FAQs and a fun test – designed to help enrich relationships and improve romance between couples.

About the App.

Does your female partner ever experience mood swings, crave certain foods or over react to small issues? It’s no secret women are hard to understand sometimes. For the male who wants to get the most out of his relationship, this App has been developed for you. We are passionate about helping you understand how hormones, which can dramatically affect moods and behaviours, influence your partner’s monthly cycle. We want to empower you.

By using this App you’ll have a much greater awareness and better understanding of exactly what’s going on for her daily, weekly, monthly. This App can also help improve your sex life, because you’ll know the best time for romance and when to give her some space. Women are half the world’s population. No doubt, your partner is one of the best.  It’s time to get her more.

Watch the video below for an example of the type of information you can receive on the app.

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