Awareness in life gives choices: to change or accept where you are.
To become the best version of you, there must be an acceptance of the current version of you.

It is only when we see ourselves in all our magnificent failings, embrace the perceived flaws and acknowledge our deep hidden wounds that we can start to make meaningful and lasting change.

- Susan Hart -

Hello, it's nice to have you in my space.

My name is Susan Hart and my love affair for hormones, happiness and the heavens fill these walls.  A brief synopsis of my journey started some years back when I had an experience with IVF that changed my life profoundly and as a result several collaborations formed birthing two mobile apps, candles, e-books, astrology charts and a range of body scrubs and serums.  All these offerings are here to elevate your awareness around hormones and the impact they play on our body and emotions. There is a lot to explore within these walls so hop to it and always know you can opt into my newsletter/Facebook page or email me within any question. I wish you the greatest health, hormonal harmony and great happiness.

My story is found within the blogs and content of the site.  Love Susan

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Would you like to bathe yourself with products you make from raw ingredients you source?  There is a lot of joy in making your own body products and you would be surprised at how easy it is to begin.   The surprising part is the coin you save as you begin to re-direct your funds into purchasing essential oils and butters used to create your own signature blends.    Let me give you a hand by sharing my signature blend, The Moon Soap.

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The Four Seasons of the Female Cycle is an insightful look into the patterns of our menstrual cycle. Awareness of this pattern can significantly reduce mood swings and in some women anxiety. Imprinting our emotions on the tracker inside the e-book will identify the pattern of behaviour our hormones have created over time. A sense of relief comes into play as we step into your higher self with the knowledge that hormones, significantly affect mood and behaviour. Awareness is the key to change.

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While we are aware of the affects that hormones have on our body such as mood, behaviour, cravings, insomnia and the like, we can move toward a calmer state of mind, make better food choices and self soothe during the days of when our cycle is at its low point.  When we are not aware, PMS holds court over us and everything is seen through the veil of physical pain, low vibrations and blame. 

- Susan Hart -